Paul Khosla - Craftsmanship in wood
Paul Khosla
Craftsmanship in wood
from the heart of Devon
hand-turned pieces
bespoke furniture

Paul Khosla

Paul Khosla has been designing, making and selling wooden bowls, mirrors, coffee tables and other wooden items for nearly 20 years.

Commissions are welcome, and there is often some very interesting, large and unusual pieces of timber in stock, waiting to be made into something special...

Bowl of Fruit - Individually Designed
Decorative wooden bowl by Paul Khosla
Large Coffee Tables - Individually Designed
London Plane Mirror - Individually Designed
hand-crafted wooden bowls and furniture by Paul Khosla
The right tools for the job

The right tools for the job

When I first started turning and making in wood, I was drawn towards new and shiny tools like a magpie.
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The Perfect Finish

The Perfect Finish

Wood should be finished to the point where there are no visible marks left by the maker. This is a common thought amongst many woodworkers which I share, but there are exceptions as I will endeavour to explain.
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