The right tools for the job

The right tools for the job

When I first started turning and making in wood, I was drawn towards new and shiny tools like a magpie. New shiny tools held the promise of mastering techniques, adding time saving short cuts, getting that ever sharper edge, or creating new avenues of texture or finesse to explore.

I still have that magpie tendency , but I also have drawers full of tools gathering dust, bought once in enthusiasm, but now long forgotten.

I seem to rely more and more on just a handful of tools that I know really well. The more one uses any particular tool, the more it becomes an extension of the hand or fingers, a part of your body. Muscle memory in action. A reassuring familiarity, intimacy and predictability.

This then clears up mental space to do what you are doing. Using all the senses. Listening as much as looking, feeling as much as measuring, sensing as much as rationalising. Like riding a single speed mountain bike (another one of my passions!) there are less gears and clutter to get in the way...

Mike Rickword
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