Fruit Bowls - Individually Designed


My favourite wood for bowls is Ash. It is such a versatile wood, lending itself well to staining, scorching, liming and carving as you will see in the coloured rims of many of my bowls and platters. Ash also makes really nice simple salad bowls that will last a lifetime.

Burr and brown oak when it can be found are both highly prized by woodturners. I source all wood from local farms, tree surgeons and there are a couple of sawmills who know my 'tastes' and who keep an eye out for me.

For me, the proportion and curve of a bowl is hugely important. These are the two things that define the quality of a bowl and elevate a round piece of wood into an aspirational object to admire and cherish. Surface decorations come later, once the form of the bowl is just right.

Each piece is unique, the images on this page show my examples of this type of bowl.

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